Nintendo Japanese VC Releases for 2015.03.04

It's Namcot Week here on the Virtual Console. We've got two titles coming at you that are guaranteed to make you spend your money on something else. militia Metal Marines (Super Famicom): ¥823 (¥130 cart-only, ¥600 complete on Suruga-ya) I always love finding out games actually were released in North America and I either just forgot about them or didn't care about them. The Super Nintendo era was the height of my read every Nintendo Power ten times over so Metal Marines was either covered very lightly or the name made me think of Micro Machines enough that I said "No thank you, Namco(t)". It's a real time strategy game, which has never been my cup of anything.

sky_kid Suruga-ya) Speaking of cups of things, Sky Kid looks like it has that mid-eighties art style that you could easily find on a mug in a retro game shop these days. Sky Kid is an 1986 side-scrolling shooter. I think that sums everything up well enough.