Golden slumbers

Now, I somehow doubt that thirty pushups a day could cause immense chest pain, but either I am that much out of shape or well, I am doing something wrong. Or maybe it is just science and my muscles are rebuilding themselves right now and super-sexy Eric is on the way. Watch out, Internet. I'm going to be all musclely. Now that is a gross sounding word. So, yeah I am exercising a bit between translation time boxes. Ten or twenty minutes deep inside the project. Ding. Stand up, stretch. Pee. Put more water in the body. Maybe even grind a few battles in Draong Quest 3. Ding. Back to work. I've done it before. This time? Nah, nothing special. Just workin' hard.

I just finished the pyramid in DQ3 complete with a party wipe after picking up the Golden Claw. Not being able to use magic is a double whammy of pain. And unless I am missing something, the Golden Claw is no longer in my inventory. So it stayed in the pyramid, which seems a bit creepy. Or I'm just sleepy.