Moving right along

At today's morning meeting, the principal was speaking some big words to the kids, but it was nice to hear someone in authority saying to the children "Hey, you might hear some things about terrorists and crimes and killing. Japanese people are mostly Buddhists, right? But if a Buddhist kills someone, not all Buddhists are killers, right? Same goes for followers of Islam." Fifth period I watched my sixth graders practice a play they are going to be putting on in English in front of the entire school later this week. It is equally touching and frustrating to see the students who are trying to see the students who are trying so hard put up with those who just don't give a fuck. Or perhaps they are nervous, shy, unconfident, or something else. Or, maybe they just don't give a fuck. Dealing with that is still hard.

For some reason[footnote]That reason being the words “Moving right along” sung on The Flophouse[/footnote] I watched The Muppet Movie the other night while working on a translation. I had forgotten how hilarious the film is. And how impressive. All that puppet work is outstanding. Strangely, the one bit I was most impressed at, Kermit riding the bike at the beginning, is one of the easiest things they did. Just some strings like any old marionette. Apparently the scene with Gonzo over the car was really hard to get right, but they heard very few comments about that one and yet constantly heard praise about that bicycle scene.