Quick switch boomerang

It seems Mevius Final Fantasy is going to be played vertically, and that's great. If I'm in a position to play a horizontal mobile game, then I'm in a position to play a 3DS or Vita game. And there are a lot more I'd like to play on those two at the moment. I never use my phone horizontally. Hell, I watch videos vertically because I don't feel like disabling the rotation lock. I beat Kandor[footnote]Robbin’ ‘Ood[/footnote] today in Dragon Quest 3. As soon as his henchmen were taken care of, without even thinking, I switched the hero from the boomerang to sword. It was so smooth and easy to do in battle that just waited for the next fight to switch back. The field menus just took slightly longer.

The multi-attack weapons versus single attack weapons have key advantages and disadvantages in the game and yet switching is painless. That is the kind of experience that still makes Dragon Quest enjoyable.