Nintendo Japanese VC Releases for 2015.02.25

Interesting bits of history this week, but not much else.

Wii U VC

goemon_msx Ganbare Goemon (MSX): ¥823 (¥670 cart-only on Suruga-ya) Hooray, the MSX version of a game already available on Virtual Console. This one has addition content, however. Six more areas open up after completing the game once.

axelay Suruga-ya) From Wikipedia:

Axelay was originally intended to be a Japanese exclusive, but was given a U.S. release in response to numerous letters from consumers and critics.

Wow. Back in nineteen hundred and ninety two. Outstanding.

shadow_land Shadow Land (Famicom): ¥514 (¥350 cart-only, ¥1250 complete on Suruga-ya) Hm. Go read up on this game. A platforming game where your actions determine if the Tarosuke goes to heaven, hell, or somewhere in between. To get the best ending nothing must be collected or killed in the last stage. Wow.