Ahem. Coffee.

This may not be the healthiest path. I used to snack. A lot. Then I started snacking with coffee. Now I just drink coffee. Even in the evening, when I'll need to be up at 6 to get ready for a day of being energetic in front of children. So, coffee.

Is it an addiction? Well, what are the adverse effects? I suppose this is the core issue of these situations. Not being aware of the problems until the problem has been going on too long. So, and this is boring, but it is important to at least look at what I'm doing. For example, have you ever realized you're not breathing? Or at least, not regularly. A key sign that I'm stressed is when I realize I'm holding my breath and only taking in the absolute minimum of necessary air. That is a good sign it's time for a break. Even though deadlines happen. And the clock ticks.

There is this downtime in all of the 3D Zelda games after finishing a dungeon which feels like waking up from a good nap and having to go do work. Go put the princess in a bottle. Bring her to her father. Watch him beat her father for a while. Rejoice that the monkey is safe. Standard stuff that you've done a thousand times. But those sweet dungeons and their puzzles. The boss fights. The meat.

Dragon Quest 3 on iOS is progressing smoothly again. It's time to get the King of Romaly's crown back from that blasted Kandar. I always disliked him and his exposed nipples. I see that his name is now Robbin' 'Ood which is one of the greatest contenders for accidentally causing string parse errors.

I have given up on Final Fantasy Legends: Crystal of Time. Horizontal play on iOS just doesn't work.