Bottled princess

The thing about being deep into work projects is that it may be enjoyable, but if you cannot talk about it, that cuts out a lot of conversation. Especially if the work takes most of your day. Add in a sick family and hey! Look at my weekend. I'm exhausted, but a lot of work got done. And I even managed to sneak in a bit of time to finish the first dungeon in Majora's Mask. Which, fitting in with the rest of the game, was weird. The sounds that boss made were freaking me out pretty good. The mechanics were interesting, as you used Deku Link's ability to pop out of holes and float around to get yourself positioned above the boss, drop a Deku Nut on its head and then beat the crap out of it after landing. Then came an opportunity to put a princess in a bottle, which is my favorite song by The Police.

This game is weird.