Order time

My friend Josh wouldn't tell you what he was ordering at a restaurant. He didn't want that to change your mind. I always think about that when someone asks me what I'm getting, and while I might not always follow that rule, it's pretty good for avoiding those cases where you don't order what you want because someone else is getting the same thing. That happened tonight when my wife and I both ordered the exact same set at Gyoza no Ohsho. And since her appetite is not close to mine, I got extra chicken. I sure like chicken. Turning to Deku Link in Majora's Mask is terrifying every time. That scream. I got to the Big Key Door of the first temple without the Big Key and this time limit is scaring me. But I think I know where to go now, and hopefully the dungeon is almost over. Switching between Link and Deku Link and using all their available tools gives an astounding amount of things to try in the first dungeon of a Zelda game. It's nearly overwhelming, but not quite. Still, the timer does make my finger twitch just enough.