The wrong mushroom

Breath of Fire 2 asks that you go mushroom hunting. After reaching the top of the mountain and plucking a 'shroom, Ryu and friends go back automatically to hand in their haul. Except there are three mushrooms to pick from, and they each have different designs. Taking the wrong one means the mushroom-needing man will become displeased and show you the proper fungus. Then you climb up again. It was completely my fault for not properly noting which mushroom to take. However, a dialogue choice of "Do you pick to take this mushroom?" would have saved me a few minutes. There was some game where whenever a prompt came up, the cursor was between the two choices. Up or down had to be pressed before making a decision. That was so cool. Not great for wanting to jam on confirm to get past some text, but awesome for not accidentally selecting something. Say, like in a Legend of Zelda game, and then having to read a chunk of text again. Not that I'm angry.

Majora's Mask is either frustrating me or amusing me, and I'm not sure which. In the first temple my 3D Zelda skills are putting me at risk of running out of time before the dungeon is completed. And I reset time before even attempting the dungeon. And played the reversed Song of Time. Yeesh, one wouldn't think I have gamed almost daily for the majority of my life.