Lost time and money

I knew that Majora's Mask had a time travel story (Repeating time story?). Anyway, I knew time looped. And I should have realized that a place to store my rupees meant that maybe by some crazy in-game logic, that cash would still be there when Link went back in time. Alas, I did not put two and two together and when all the rupees disappeared after the first time warp - as I saw them leave Link's body - I screamed because I had spent the remaining time before the event grinding for rupees. I had no save. A lesson was learned. That is the curse of games that can be put to sleep. I don't think about saving. I was also infuriated about having to play Hide and Seek with a bunch of kids. I do that in my day job. I don't need it in videogames.

Tingle's maps are useful, but without one for Clock Town I was getting completely lost and spent a lot of time running around in confused circles until I found some (five!) rupees to get the map. This game is weird, but I'm curious.