[rainblocks development retrospective] 23 - Almost done

2014.04.30- Implemented achievements

An issue with the achievements caused a bug where the notifications would happen repeatedly. Thankfully when I submitted a fix with a request to expedite the review, Apple did it. The fix was up the next day. This was a silly little mistake on my end, but there was not much of a change between the code in subaku and rainblocks for handling achievements.

2014.05.03 - Messed with layout - Added grayed rainbow button - Fixed tapping by adding "buttons"

Greying out the buttons at moments when they cannot be used was one of those final ideas that helped make the game feel like a "real" game. There are so many parts that could have been left out and the "game" would be the same. But these little details are what make or break the entire feeling.

Buttons were added to the locations of the rainblocks to make the tapping easier to recognize. It felt "dirty" but it worked well and caused no issues.