Bad tasting coffee

Well, I'm sick. Like many things, I never thought much about how things taste funny right before a cold hits hard, but after hearing it mentioned on Back to Work I sure notice it now. Or maybe I'm thinking too hard. But, I'm sick and these translations won't translate themselves, so.

Majora's Mask comes out tonight on the 3DS and I'm excited as I never got into it. I had keep meaning to play it on the N64 since I have one, but getting the RAM Pak[footnote]I hope it’s spelled RAM Pak. And if it’s not, I refuse to acknowledge otherwise.[/footnote] was not a cheap option. And waiting led to this, so that's exciting. I was hoping to have had The Legend of Legacy done by now, but that is a tough cookie.

Final Fantasy Legends: Crystal of Time is an odd cookie. It plays like any stamina based game but there is a story that is Final Fantasy enough along with a battle system that is so much more than any of the automated games. We'll see. It is a Free to Play game, after all.