I loaded the Suspend Save file in Dragon Quest 3 on iOS and somehow lost my Auto Save file. Which lost me a bit of gold gathering. Three Scale Shields and two Steel Swords to be precise. This normally would have me put a game down and not revisit it for some time, but I was so angry at my own mistake that I found myself sneaking in time over the past day to get that equipment back. And now I will take this game on. A commonality between Kill la Kill and Game of Thrones is that I tilt my laptop screen a bit so that my wife doesn't think I'm a pervert[footnote]Not that I care. It is just instinctual.[/footnote]. Kill la Kill is enjoyable, but my pace through it is not exactly brisk. Unlike Twin Peaks, Arrested Development Season 4, Adventure Time and most recently Game of Thrones Season 2, there is nothing in Kill la Kill that makes me want to jump from one episode to the next. I'll stop mid-episode if I finish the dishes during it. It is enjoyable, but not causing obsession. Plus, I just feel a bit of embarrassment about the shaking boobs and booty slapping. Ah, to be an American.

Which is also why fingerbanging sex scenes while characters are exposing in the background feels weird to me about Game of Thrones. It's not any sort of opposition to it, it just feels weird. Especially when I don't feel as weird to see a head get chopped off a few episodes later.