Take the school bus

School busses. I decided to talk about school busses. Well, just a bit about how I was fairly close to my gradeschool and it would take forty minutes to walk. And how friends would take even longer. If we walked. We take busses. They are yellow. Hooray! Presentation. Culture. No, I won't be taking any questions. That was the one thing I learned while doing presentations for the incoming people to JET. I did a little bit about learning Japanese. Four years in a row. Some of them went better than others, but not taking questions or comments during the presentations was key. Not even asking people things is key. I see teachers at school give presentations to everyone and ask the students something. You bring the microphone over. Then the student maybe says their answer right away, if you're lucky. If not they suddenly get nervous and then say they forgot what they were going to say. At least they might just say something pointless because of the confusion of youth, not because they want to present from their seat.

Never allow questions. It's not fun for anyone.

Dragon Quest 3 has become my go-to mobile game at the moment and I am finding myself getting destroyed at the cave west of Noaniels. So I'm grinding for cash for shields. Because nothing is as relaxing as grinding in DQ.

The subtitle for Bravely Second is End Layer. So everyone is trying to figure out what its secret meaning is because, well, spoilers. It is an anagram for "Nerdy Ale". Spoilers. I need to update the demo and dig in because it will likely give me nice goodies. I like goodies.