Making it move

The Persona 5 trailer did not make It™ move. Perhaps it is deep seeded regret that Persona 4 has yet to make its way into my Completed Pile. It is in the list of twenty-two games that I hope to complete this year, so perhaps at that point my passion for 5 will kindle. Those menus are stupid hot, though. I felt a tingling somewhere. Speaking of kindle, I noticed that I am in chapter 41 of the eighty chapters A Storm of Swords offers. I sure chose something special to get myself back into reading. Twenty seven hours remain at my pace to get through this and A Feast for Crows. Getting a book bundle for the Kindle sure was savings, but seeing the progress bar fill up super slowly is disheartening. It's good to be reading again.

I'm dragging my heels on making a presentation to be done in front of an entire school on Tuesday. Cultural sharing. I get up in front of four to forty students several times a day and go at it, and yet the idea of standing in front of the entire school still gives me the stomach shakes. Is it the adult teachers there as well, my peers and superiors, who make me nervous? Is it just the concept of being in front of a lot of people that we, particularly Americans, are conditioned to fear? Or is it just that doing this every year means I just have no decent ideas anymore. It's an odd thing to exert this much energy and thought onto something I'll do for ten minutes and then will mostly be forgotten.