And now, sports

February is so cold. Someone told me today is warmer than yesterday and perhaps that is the way to go. Or just nevermind about weather. It just is. Might as well get used to it in year thirty-three. Dust: An Elysian Tail is a beautiful game where no one shuts up. I needn't defend my enjoyment of dialogue in games. I played sixty hours of Steins;Gate and lapped it all up. Yet these foxes and rabbits and bears[footnote]Oh my.[/footnote] to talk a little less. One can skip, but the developers did not write it for feces and laughs, except for when they did. My concern is something amidst the gabbing is there to explain where to go next. Exploring blindly is always fun until it isn't.

The NHK news podcast detailed the unfortunate happenings of the whole Islam and Japan hostages situation [footnote]Hey, I'm finally past December news.[/footnote] and then after a half second pause delivered the line "And now, sports." There has been an increase in my social media feeds this year of one-upping the one-uppers about the Super Bowl. First we have the people who are enthusiastic about the thing. Then we have the people who are jokingly enthusiastic about the thing. Now we have the people who are going "Hey, you know guys, making fun is not cool! Let's be niecer." Huh. Well. And now, sports.

Look at this Star Wars Humble Bundle and explain to me how we got so many bang, bang, pew, pew games, a fucking BioWare game and yet no point & click adventure. Tell me, because my heart weeps for it. At least Thimbleweed Park is coming. My, if you're reading this and haven't read that, wow.

Today I added ten games to my Sony® PlayStation™ ShoppingCart™®, paid ¥0 for them and wow I feel dirty. This is the future, and I can only wonder how I feel if one day one of my games is being "bought" only to never be played.