But for me, it was Tuesday

An ambulance drove up and parked in front of my house as my family was getting ready to start the day. That's the only place to reasonably get at our neighbor's home. I'm not sure the standard amount of time an ambulance stays put in one place, however this was longer than I would think. It's was just a Tuesday for me, and while I haven't heard any news from the neighbors, I can't imagine it was just a Tuesday for them. I finally spent a chunk of leftover PSN points and got a year of PS+. Why not. I had been subscribing here and there to grab things I know I wanted to play eventually and here I figure I might as well just get to it. It's gross to put fifty or so games into my shopping cart, "purchase" them and then maybe never play them. But, goals! Plus, I got a PS1 Sunsoft collection that contains Gimmick! and that's just awesome.

Today is setsubun, and I wrote a guide to that last year.. Fill your head with some knowledge today.