An island of love [Ripple Island]

Plans were to post this next week, but it turns out today just happens to be the twenty-seventh anniversary of Ripple Island's release. So, happy birthday, you adorable little game.

Games I beat in 2015: #5 - Ripple Island

ri_theend Here, have some spoilers! Were you going to play this game, anyway?

Beating out Monster Hunter by many years, Ripple Island gives players the opportunity to hunt the most elusive of prey. The pixel. In this point and click adventure game, you the player are tasked to tell Kyle what to do with his life so that Princess Nasarell, the daughter of King Dotella, can be saved from Gerogeru - the emperor of darkness and a giant frog. A girl named Cal joins Kyle after he finds her standing on the ruins of her home destroyed by the Frog of Darkness.

There's your backstory. Here some facts: The game is adorable. The cover art in no way betrays what is in this game. Cute animals and that stupidly charming 80s anime.


So cute.

The game is pretty damn picky about positioning the cursor. Yes, I'd like to get a whisker off of that seal. What? Pointing at the and selecting take isn't enough? How about its face? No? Okay, let's try its nose. Nope! Let's try right exactly at the one pixel where OKAY GOOD! Congratulations, here is the whisker which the removal of must have hurt that seal like hell, except it didn't wake up so I guess it didn't hurt that bad? Oh well. Now I can this to another animal so it will help me on my quest. To save the princess. From a frog.

This was one of those events where I was confident I knew what to do, and it wasn't working. So I hit up a guide. I was right but kind of a pixel or two out of the acceptable zone. Oh well. Then the guide just sat next to me and I didn't let frustration hit. I just went through and enjoyed figuring out what I could.

The ending picture above is just one of the several endings in the game. That one is kind of bad in that Kyle and Cal just give up right before the final challenge and run away to live on a little island. Then there is Happy End where Kyle saves the princess and get married to her because hey, he saved the princess.


Then there is the true ending. Where Kyle say "Nah, king. We kinda just met and yeah. I'm going to go hang out and stuff." And then Cal and Kyle just spend their days hanging out. Because they had an adventure together and are pretty happy together and stuff. Which is kind of profound for a 1998 game about talking animals and saving a princess from a frog.

Also, you get to defeat an armadillo with a clothespin.

Ripple Island is an old adventure game and falls into some of the trappings for the era, but it's charming as hell and a quick play. If you're the type who doesn't mind hitting up a FAQ for an adventure game when your patience runs thin, this is a great game to put a smile on your face. And get a tanooki super drunk.