Nintendo Japanese VC Releases for 2015.01.14

And thus, the 3DS Virtual Console was confirmed to be dead. OR: A week where Eric looked at Wikipedia a lot to find anything to write about.

Wii U VC

yie_ar_kung_fu Yie Ar KUNG-FU (MSX): ¥823 I'm still proud that I figured out all by myself that the game's title means "One, Two, Kung-Fu". Totally without looking at Wikipedia. And right now "kung" looks super weird to me.

ninja_spirit Ninja Spirit (PC Engine): ¥617 (¥3100 card-only on Suruga-ya) This one has been on a lot of platforms. Also: The first game EGM ever gave a 10/10 to.

chou_makaimura_r Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts (Game Boy Advance): ¥702 (¥2150 cart-only on Suruga-ya) The North American box art for the SNES release of this game frustrates me. That this port features the exact same title as the original is also confusing and frustrating. It is not just the game, however, but has an arrange mode which lets players pick redesigned levels and bosses.

assault_suits_valken Assault Suits Valken (Super Famicom): ¥823 (¥1980 cart-only on Suruga-ya) Cybernator! I've got nothing.