Finishing Steins;Gate

Originally posted on tumblr April 9, 2012. In getting all six endings Steins;Gate took me over 46 hours to read. It was really enjoyable. A little too science heavy at times for my Japanese knowledge, but overall extremely enjoyable.

So for the heck of it, I'm going to talk about the endings - as spoil free as I can be. My opinions, thoughts, emotions.

So then! In reverse order.

Ending 6: Feiris
This was probably my favorite. It was an interesting twist and completely different from every other ending. It was also the only one (other than the True Ending) that felt completely "guilt free". It seemed like everything worked out the best for everyone (except for perhaps Okabe, who had to learn to be okay with it).

Ending 5: Suzuha
Probably the ending that wracked my nerves the most. It was getting almost too intense before they actually brought on the actual ending. A bit disappointing, though, as I was actually hoping the story would go a little further than it did.

Ending 4: Ruka
This ending was easily the most bittersweet but at the same time it was extremely believable. The last image, however made me do a good double take. Of all the choices Okabe had to make in the game, this one was easily the one I think most people would have the most difficult time with. I think they handled the whole situation fairly gracefully, although I will admit I am no expert on that topic. 

Ending 3: Mayuri
Of all the endings this one caught me by surprise because of how it occurred in the gameplay. It was how I expected the game to pan out but not as one of the non-true endings. The game really put a lot of emotions into Mayuri's character and her ending brought a lot of needed closure to that.

Ending 2: Kurisu
A gut wrencher.  I was, however, slightly disappointed that it played out a little similarly to Suzuha's ending at one point. This ending was really the "bad" ending however and it's hard to have an opinion on it considering the True Ending.

Ending 1: The True Ending
There were about two or three points during this (very long) ending where I thought they were going to wrap it up right then and there and I would have been devastated had they done so. Fairly intense and hard for me to peel myself away from. It all made sense even though I didn't see most of it coming. Which was extremely pleasing because I like to think I know where a story is heading. Steins;Gate threw me for loop after loop. Especially during this final ending.

What I really liked was that all the endings made good sense. None were completely out of line or crazy. None were disappointing. They all worked.

Now, I need to figure out if any of the additional stuff is worth playing. And hope Robotics;Notes comes to iOS as soon as possible.