The Legend of Legacy Japanese Commercials

via gamestalk

"A new RPG for all of you fans."

Less than two weeks until GotY January 2015. Damn, that Tomomi Kobayashi art just does things to the soul. Soothing, soulful things. The lineup behind this game is pretty damn impressive, even though Furyu doesn't exactly have a "stellar lineup" of releases.

I mean, just look at this quote from Wikipedia

It was also revealed that the game's staff, in addition to Furyu employees, would contain many staff who had previously worked on Square Enix video games, including illustrator Tomomi Kobayashi and designer Kyoji Koizumi of the Saga series, Masato Kato, writer of the Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross games, and Masashi Hamauzu, composer of the Final Fantasy XIII games.

Like I said, GotY January 2015.