Fixing flying blocks [rainblocks]

Bugs found and fixed! Weird little bug in the Android version of rainblocks. If you exit the application during the tutorial, the blocks will be gone when you go back. Whoops! What happens is that the game tries to pause, but since there is no pause menu for the tutorial it just hides the blocks. Simple fix - just don't force it to pause if it is in the tutorial. No reason to, as there is no time limit here. This fix, plus a Japanese localization, is in the 1.0.1 release which you can get now.

Another little weird bug which I fixed after uploading 1.0.1 was the blocks sometimes flying to different positions when moving a block that can't move. It was a problem with the blocks remembering their starting position as part of how they should shake in the case of a bad move. It has no impact on the gameplay but looks weird graphically when it happens. But that's been fixed and will be in an update after I confirm that there is nothing else odd going on.