Localizing in Unity [rainblocks]

Researching into doing localizations for Unity, I found a lot of plugins, but no "here's how to do it" solution. I was so used to using NSLocalizedString() to handle all of my localization needs, even art. (Just fill up the localization plist with the different file names.) But I'm new to Unity and unfamiliar with its best practices. I wasn't sure what to do until I ran into Application.systemLanguage. All the menu items in rainblocks are images (because of the custom fonts), so I just created the following script and attached it to all of the necessary Game Objects.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class TextLocalization : MonoBehaviour {

  void Awake() {
    SpriteRenderer renderer = GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>() as SpriteRenderer;
    renderer.sprite = Resources.Load(Constants.SpritePath() + renderer.sprite.name, typeof(Sprite)) as Sprite;

And this function went into my Constants class which I use for a bunch of helper functions and static variables.

static public string SpritePath(){
  string retVal = "Text/";
  if (Application.systemLanguage == SystemLanguage.Japanese) {
    retVal += "text_jp/";
  return retVal;

So if the SystemLanguage is Japanese, it points to the proper folder for the images. If I add any more localizations, all I'll need to do is plop them in the right folder and add a check in SpritePath. If there is a better or easier way to do this, I'd love to know it. It did, however, take me less than ten minutes and not much code to have the whole game localized in Japanese.