Hey, sexy lady[Adventure Time]

Adventure_Time_Sexy_Lady“Evicted!”, Season 1 Episode 12 of Adventure Time kind of shocked me when the line “sexy vampire lady” came up mid-song. Turns out the show has a “TV-PG rating”, which um, huh. Shit, I’m aging, aren’t I? I’m not offended or appalled - just caught off guard. The show in general is a little more “raw” than I was expecting, and it feels like a game of Dungeons and Dragons where neither the Dungeon Master nor players particularly give a shit while they are super serious at the same time. It’s awesome[ref]I almost wrote “Mathematical” here but it reminded of the gut wrenching awkwardness of the article in a local newspaper of my college city about the vegan restaurant my girlfriend at the time and I would frequent. Not that the slang in Adventure Time is bad. It’s good. But that article ended with the reporter saying something like “Or how our waiter would probably say, ‘Cool’.” And that just makes me feel old and out of touch.[/ref].

Oh yeah, so this means I’m finally watching Adventure Time and am unable to answer the question of “Why now and not sooner?” If you haven’t watched it, holy shit, don’t be a dummy like me and get to it. Now.