Unexciting plantlife [FFEX]

As I was finishing up Final Fantasy Explorers [ref]Final Fantasy Explorers on Play-Asia[/ref] today, I noticed I was running past nooks and crannies on the map. In a normal FF I realized that I would be rushing over to those areas to feast up on the syrupy treasure chests or enemies that might be there. But in FFEX what could I best find? Some materials? There's something patently un-sexy about finding a lump of ore, even if it is a shining special one that once combined with eleven siblings and a bunch of other junk collected from various harvesting spots or monsters, I could then get a new weapon. Or a hat. Instead of other games where I'd end up with a nice new piece of equipment that I could put on one of my several party members. I liked FFEX. It was a neat little distraction game and what a mobile game should be. I buy the game for a set amount of cash, there are missions and quests and maybe even some daily stuff to keep me going, and then at one point the main game ends and I go play something else. FFEX managed to replace FFRK in my daily "grind gameplaying", mostly because I am on vacation and pulling out the 3DS is easier now. There's still a butt-load of content in FFEX I could return to. For now, I'm going to move on to something else.