[rainblocks development retrospective] 18 - Seperation of Church and State

2014.03.25- Put Top and Play in nodes - Added Landscape mode

Adding iPad support meant figuring out how to handle landscape. In subaku there are actually two landscape modes - left and right handed. Depending on how the iPad is held the player can have the tiles on the side of their choice.

I played around this with rainblocks, but I never found a setup that I liked. Plus, rainblocks allows the player to swipe anywhere on the screen to move blocks. Nothing much is gained and the game looked prettier.

So I slapped the data (next match, time-bar, pause and rainbow buttons) in a SKNode and all the rainblocks into another node and moved them around when the device was rotated. The only thing that was not repositioned was the background. The portrait version hides and the landscape one is shown.