Jumping around [Xenogears]

After jumping around a cliff in a mech and getting into battle mid-leap, fighting a boss (that I'm not sure if it was scripted or not), dodging through flying ships and other mechs, fighting a giant boat-robot with faceless, nameless mech-partners, fighting a scripted-loss boss battle, watching a long cutscene and then having Fei wake up after four days of sleep I'm not exactly sure what kind of game Xenogears is trying to be and I'm not sure if it knew either. There's nothing like a long string of kanji in a Playstation RPG to make you feel bad about your language skills. Well, me. But I'm getting the gist of Xenogears's plot. Or at least I think I am.

And then I got to have some people-on-people battles and I was having fun again. It's like there is something to this game behind the giant machine snorefest.