I recently learned that Netflix drops stuff. My "List" was informing me that The Avengers would no longer be available as of 12/22. So I watched it. Good going, Netflix. You convinced me to watch something before I was going to. So, um. Is that a victory for them? I suppose I was spending time in front of Netflix instead of doing something else. So, maybe. Anyway! The Avengers.

This was a dumb movie. Enjoyable! A few decent action scenes! But dumb. Once I started to loosen up and just let it corse through my body I found myself "enjoying" it but slightly... angry? It was a damn long film! And it took its sweet time in getting to a point where I was genuinely interested.

Which, look, I'm not trying to say I expect the highest quality cinema or that everything must be such. But there are little things like why the hell did Loki just stick around while Thor and Iron Man fought for no good reason. And why did it matter if the cards were in the locker or the dude's suit? And Hulk can't control it unless he controls it?

A child could just sit back and enjoy, I have to think about it. Which, when I didn't - think, that is - I kinda liked it. So, best not to think? Feels stupid to say so and as if I'm placing myself "above" the film and those who liked it. Which is a dumb thing to say. It had its fun moments. Could have lived without ever having seen it.

The post-credits scene was hilarious, though. Shawarma.