Special stars, sicknesses and time travelers

I thought I was going to write about The Star Wars Holiday Special tonight. Not much to say after having listened to The Incomparable podcast about it, other than how it is probably worse than it sounds. Even if you go the easy route like I did and watch the RiffTrax version. They tried. Oh my Kawazu, how they tried. And I laughed. But the horror that is The Star Wars Holiday Special still shone brightly. It hurt. Much like I imagine my poor son did today as he caught the norovirus. Or something like it. He was sick. Barfy. I think that's Chewbacca's sister-in-law. So he wasn't much of a happy camper today. Well, he did still have his Xmas presents and he got to watch a little more TV today than we'd normally allow. You know. Spoil him a little so he's not too bored of just laying down and drinking Pocari Sweat.

So what I did was my yearly Chrono Trigger replay. Or rather, my yearly "Get one of the endings of Chrono Trigger that I've never seen before." Why? Becasue fuck just watching all the endings on YouTube. I'm going to get them honest! And I got the "Good Night" ending this year which feels like some sort of joke as three characters - and by characters I mean enemies in the game - ran around the screen a bit while the credits scrolled. Then they slept. And now so will I.

Good night.