Nintendo Japanese VC Releases for 2014.12.24

What else do you need for Xmas?

Wii U VC

duck_hunt Duck Hunt (Famicom): ¥514 (¥340 cart-only, ¥6510 for the gun on Suruga-ya)

There's a warning on the bottom that this requires a Wiimote to play. So that's how they're doing it and it has me wanting to pick it up to see how this classic plays. I'm so used to the triple cart that also gave Super Mario Bros. and World Class Track Meet, though, that the idea of only having Duck Hunt available is incredibly weird. The fact that they reworked it for the Wiimote is great for Duck Hunt but I supposed World Class Track Meet is lost to time. I'm not sure how that could be made playable on the Wii U.


PokemonCardGB Pokémon Card Game (Game Boy Color): ¥615 (¥120 cart-only, ¥140 complete on Suruga-ya)

Speaking of things people wanted. The 3DS VC is back! For one week only? Is this the start of a brand new year? Is the fact that the 3DS VC got something much more exciting than what it actually got? I can safely say at least the last one is a solid "Yes." I mean, play the card game instead, sheesh.