MISHWLAWIHMT: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Chatting with my friend's wife one day, I was surprised to find one thing in common: a near paralysis from seeing others embarrassed. It must be more common than I imagine, and all people must get it to some degree. But it can be bad. I can remember watching movies with my family and having to run out of the room to avoid the embarrassment from seeing characters in awkward and embarrassing situations. Ferris Bueller's Day Off was entirely that.

Well, most of the fourth wall breaking was fine. But once Cameron appeared I could feel his pain. Constantly. I paused to escape it many, many times.

Also, I love how much of the movie just wouldn't work in today's world. Cellphones and more technologies would make a "remake" interesting just in the sense of how could you do it and remain slightly believable. Part of the charm here is that it works despite being hard to believe everything would work out, but how it'd work today is an intriguing problem. Don't remake it, Hollywood.

The movie was good. There was a lot which retroactively explained so many references. Being in the know feels nice. Feels like I'm saying that weekly, but these are good films.

Would I watch it again, though? This might be the toughest film in that regards. I enjoyed it. But it hurt emotionally, despite being hilarious. A tough, but good watch. I might. But not for a while.