[rainblocks development retrospective] 16 Taking Away

2014.03.16- Removed some bad starting positions - Removed some NSLogs - made it point to @rainblocks in tweet text - turned off insertion manipulation

There are a lot of possible starting positions for the board in rainblocks but a few are unwanted. Any where the two red blocks are already next to each other or when they are separated by the blank space would be better if ignored. So I generated all possible combinations, removed the bad ones and stuck them in a text file. Which I mistakenly saved as an rich-text file which meant if it would randomly grab one of the header lines the game wouldn't be able to create a proper layout.

The following two are just some general maintenance, but the last item is quite important. Originally the gam would not replace blocks with colors that would lead to combos. The player could set up combos with blocks on the field, but not with the tiles. Instead I decided that if osmose decide to learn how the blocks change, they should be able to use this to their advantage and get more points.