So many children

スクリーンショット 2014-12-14 0.47.29 Rogue Legacy was fun. Steam claims that I played it for 130 hours, but I think I left it running in the background a few nights. Whoops? Twenty hours does feel a little low, although perhaps that is because of the repetitive nature of the game. It was the same, but different. Which made it great fun to finally see a room that I failed at long ago and conquer it. Well done repetition.

I'm afraid I made the game hard on myself by shooting for all the money bonuses first. Turns out I didn't really need that many stat upgrades once I had lots of money, so if I had spent differently I could have beaten the game sooner. If I do intend on maxing out the buyable stuff, that would be fairly easy now. Yet I think I'm done with the game. It was fun, but I've had enough.