Happy 25th, FF (two years later)

Update: Like any sitcom husband, I goofed. Final Fantasy released twenty seven years ago yesterday. I just have SaGa's anniversary on the brain, I suppose. I was just thinking "Huh? Didn't I just write a birthday greeting to my beloved Final Fantasy?" And I did. It was, strangely appropriately, a year ago. What with anniversary dates rarely changing and all that. I suppose it's not so much that a person forgets that their lover's birthday is a certain date, but they forget that today is that certain date. Unaware of your surroundings because of the busy lives. Maybe tomorrow son. Planes to catch and cats to put in cradles.

Anyway, so I bought FFEX and I got the 3D version of Final Fantasy and that seems like a beautiful way to celebrate the birthday of this series. And I'm still playing Record Keeper. And since Winter Vacation is just beginning next week I will be fulfilling my promise of playing Final Fantasy Tactics. This series is so ver much a part of my life and I love it for it.

So more so than "Happy twenty five years!", here's to another year of gaming enjoyment.