Equipping equipment [.RPG]

Equipping equipment!

This was a fun coding process. Although the goal is to keep the menus simple, they still have to offer a lot of information. The game was originally going to have no text whatsoever - just symbols and numbers. This was getting unwieldy and annoying so I dropped that idea but stuck with keeping it as simple as possible.

Green means the stat is going up, while red means it is lowering. This isn’t color-blind friendly so perhaps I’ll make versions of the icons with an up or down arrow on them. They could be animated for a nice little touch.

Tapping on the weapon, armor or accessory (shown in the previous post) brings up the above menu. The little X brings the player back to the equipment screen. The up and down arrows means there is more to see (and thus hide when there is not).

Tap on a new piece of equipment to equip it and see the effect it has on the character’s stats. The originally equipped item will be at the top and the last item will be the “Unequip”option: Barefist, Clothes and None for weapon, armor and accessory respectively.