What I Played Last Week - 2014.12.14

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Vanille is the current event character to unlock and I found getting her to be the easiest so far. Each time has been easier, which I could credit to my party getting stronger. However, with the type of game Record Keeper is, the idea that they could be playing with the underlying statistics so that it's easier each time is not far fetched. Mind you, getting characters is not a luck-based endeavor. In Vanille's case it is just a matter of getting enough of a certain stone from fighting battles.


I read some dialogue boxes this week. Mmm.

Shadowgate (IIgs)

Being extra careful with my saves, I managed to crunch through this in under an hour. It's practically the same as the NES version, however there just seems to be ways where instead of getting a game over, you can completely screw over the save and need to start again. I said it before, but the lack of music really does take away something from this version.

Rogue Legacy

I had no idea how close I was to finishing this. The attic boss was giving me a lot of trouble and I could not find a character and equipment set that worked for me. So I did a lot of gold farming to get stat upgrades and all the skills to farm gold better. Then I just ended up beating the game. I was surprised since I haven't even collected blueprints for half of the equipment. All runes were found, albeit not unlocked. I don't know if I'll be challenging the harder version of the castle just yet.