Quick Bravely Second thoughts

Brave is the new Final. I sit with such a ridiculous grin as I'm playing just a demo for a game. The new classes? Awesome stuff. Innate abilities to pay extra mana to alter how the spells work or abilities to guarantee that buffs get cast first thing in a turn. No need to worry if your attacker is going to use all their BP to before they get an attack damage boost applied. Of course, only the one class has that innate ability, so choices, choices, choices. Which is what I want from this game. A lot of choices that all feel completely awesome. I've only just begun the demo but it has been a complete joy. Ignoring a few releases the rest of this year and putting aside cash for the collector's edition of Bravely Second seems like a good idea. I want everything about this game. I'm even itching to get back to reading the novel that came out last year.

Brave is back, baby.