To every action

Enemies in Final Fantasy Record Keeper are starting to counter attacks more and more as the game goes on. First bosses would do it and now common enemies are getting in on the fun. The one issue with it is that they don't exactly counter. It's more of free hit. If Cloud smacks the boss for a good 4k damage, it may retaliate with a basic attack for a few hundred damage. Not much to worry about with his hefty hit point pool, except it only has a seemingly one in five chance of hitting him. Terra is sitting in the back row, tossing Curas and other defensive spells to keep the party healthy. But there is a chance the counter might hit her which means keeping the party in tip-top condition became a lot more difficult. It only makes it a bit harder, but it sure doesn't feel fair.

Why have a dedicated healer if they can get punished for what the other characters are doing? Sure, they'll take normal actions, but having a single target counter hit anyone other than the character whose action triggered it feels cheap and lazy.