Character stats [.RPG]

Let’s talk stats.

Above all, .RPG is a learning experience for me. So instead of going completely overkill, I’m going to see what how deep a simple set of stats and options can be.

First, equipment. One weapon, one piece of armor, one accessory. The weapon and armor will boost your stats and the accessory will do that or give passive abilities. Status immunity and so on.

Then we have the six stats. HP, MP, Attack, Magic, Defense and Speed.

As of now the battles are looking to be turn based, but not like Dragon Quest where the whole party’s options are input before actions are taken. The action will pause as the player selects a command, but then. Whether or not I’ll show the turn lineup I have not yet decided. Speed will determine the order turns are taken.

HP and MP are obvious enough. Attack and Magic will be the base for how much damage is dealt for those types of attacks. Defense will work for both stats, although how much of the Defense stat is used will be dependent on what kind of attack it is. Speed may also play a role in taking less damage from certain spells or kinds of attacks.

Both enemies and player characters will use the same sort of stats.