The Navigation Menu [.RPG]

So let’s talk a bit about .RPG’s Navigation Menu. The idea here is to keep things simple. Six buttons.

Left. Forward. Right. Items. Search. Menu.

Design Choices

No back button. No going back. Sometimes the dungeons will only branch one or two directions. Sometimes all three. Think of it as Runner Game meets RPG. Just move forward, searching, looting, fighting. Get to the boss at the end of the dungeon. Well, one of the bosses. Some paths will be more treacherous than others. Failed? Don’t worry. Video Game Magic means you’ll be taken out of the dungeon and get a chance to fight again.

Programming Choices

Design was simple enough. A couple of SKSpriteNodes packed into an SKSpriteNode. They report back when touched and tell the game what to do. None of these are actually implemented in game logic right now, but tapping them does tell the game that it wants to do something.

TouchesBegan and its siblings get passed into the container of the buttons and lets them know which to highlight while pressed. If a touch moves off of the button (or is cancelled) the button reverts to normal. Only if a touch ends within the bounds of a button and never left those bounds will it activate.