Cold television

Perhaps going to a doctor would be better? But, water and rest. And so, television. I went through Twin Peaks on Netflix, a few lessons on Swift and SpriteKit on, started watching Kill La Kill and am now finishing up season 1 of Game of Thrones since I was able to get half off rentals at a local place. It sure is easier to watch a season of something than to, say, replay Final Fantasy 4. However, I have a real itch right now to replay FF4.

It's so easy, though. At least with the account I am adding some knowledge for when I am coding. But I've been coming home each day, making it through the work day mostly fine, with a raw throat and just complete exhaustion. Is it a cold or just the cold? In my seven years in Japan I haven't felt this cold ever. I lost a lot of weight from last year to this, and perhaps that is it? But it's cold. Real cold.

Renting things in Japan allows for some neat stuff like watching a show dubbed in Japanese or alternatively putting subtitles on and seeing how lines get translated. It's fun to see the Japanese and guess what the English is going to be. A nice little extra even though streaming is so much easier than handling DVDs. And yet, Netflix likes to be sloppy with the subtitles. Not that I can get Japanese subtitles.

The wisdom was that TV rots one's brain and I wonder. I wonder because I am having a hard as hell time writing for the past few weeks. Words are not coming out as easily. Perhaps that means I need to write more and stretch more. All this reading and consuming does feel good. It feels like I am restocking the well and may be able to get something when I dip the pail down in. Right now, it's not happening as much. But I'm just plugging away.