MISHWLAWIHMT: The Fifth Element

The Fifth ElementIt's love! Or orange hair. That is the true fifth element.

I had no idea this movie was so... Jim Henson-y? That's not entirely right, although I did get flashes of The Dark Crystal as I watched. I always had thought it was some humanoid-based, future New York type action movie and I was quite surprised. I'm not surprised that when typing in "Fifth Element Chris" that Chris Rock comes up before Tucker. Because, let's hope they alphabetize the results? Jesus, people.

It was fun, although I doubt I'd watch it again. A neat little adventure but nothing really meaty. Chris Tucker's character was great and added a much needed offset to the rest of the film. Well, not entirely the rest of the film as there was some goofiness to it. It was interesting to see a bunch of actors I had seen in other films in such a zany, dare I say funny film. But once was enough.