[rainblocks development retrospective] 14 More Ideas

2014.03.14- Used Index Sets for level - Implemented rainbow - Set up levels 1-7 - Animation glitch with animation - Clear on pause and new game?

As time passes from my originally writing these notes, I find myself having trouble remembering what I meant by them[ref]Which has caused me a delay in writing this article series. But I might as well just finish it up at this point![/ref]. As I'm working on projects now, I'm finding that better notes would have helped with doing things. With every problem I solved I think "I'll remember it next time." or not even realize there will be a next time. This is all about how I have no idea what I meant by "Clear on pause and new game?"

I do remember getting the idea for levels while waiting for my wife to buy some shoes and although I implemented a few, I definitely spent a lot of time over the following months tweaking them all. It is still probably the one point of the game I am least happy with. I learned a lot about gameplay progression and difficulty and all of that. It's not perfect - what game is! - but I can at least acknowledge that the game came a long way from these early stages. And that I am pleased with.