Actually, I'm not sure if this counts as it wasn't made before I was born and I'm not sure how it rates on the "OMGYOUGOTTASEETHISMOVIEHOWHAVEYOUNOT" scale. But I couldn't find anything that was jumping out at me at the rental store and this was facing cover-out instead of spine-out. So, why not? This is the kind of film that makes you lock your doors extra-sure, and then realize that in this sort of situation a locked door means nothing. The story this story is about is completely terrifying, and it is an interesting look at what can happen to a person who gets involved with something that originally had nothing to do with them.

But, overall it wasn't that interesting. I might have preferred a book about this. It was well crafted, well acted, all that technical jazz, but I kept looking to see how much time was left. I won't be watching it again.