What I Played Last Week - 2014.11.30

Déjà Vu

I blew through this. There are a few differences from the NES version, but not that many. Mostly textual, or the idea that you are giving shots of the drugs instead of taking them by (reusable) capsules. That never made too much sense, but hey, early Nintendo censorship.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Yup. Still playing this. Nothing exciting in terms of bonus dungeons this week, just playing through the main quests.


I'm... Not getting this game just yet. There's just so much talking and if there was VA (I know, I know) or if the load times weren't so bad, maybe? But it's a struggle still

Shadowgate (2014)

It is very pretty, but perhaps a bit chattier than I would have preferred. It is much expanded over the original, although I'm not sure if the UI is any better.