MISHWLAWIHMT: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Whenever I hear about 2001: A Space Odyssey my mind wanders back to my high school senior year Language Arts class. I don't think we were shown it - or any parts of it - but there is a false memory that tells me otherwise. I remember my desk near the window in that class whenever I think of this movie. Which isn't a lot because obviously I had never seen it until now. Except for knowing the famous spoilers that one would know about movies like 2001. Well, I sure didn't know enough to be completely spoiled. I knew there was the opening ape scene - no idea it was that long or even its own story. I had no idea about parts two or four. When the part with HAL was winding down I looked at the remaining film time and was shocked. Then I watched the rest of the film in its remaining confusing, space-baby glory. It was terrifying.

My high-school girlfriend wanted to rent The Shining one day and so we did. Then we watched it. Then I went home and proceeded to live a life where moments of that film would come and haunt me at the most inconvenient times. Although 2001 does not hit the notes of terror that The Shining managed to, the ending scene reminded me of several moments and made that evening's sleep a bit less restful.

Yet, I overall enjoyed the film. I think one concern I had before going into this "watch more movies" mindset was "What if 'the world' is right? What if I'm wasting my time with video games and real art is found in things like film?" Childish? Sure. But finishing 2001 I realized I loved video games even more at that moment than before. Because things are being made by people. And we are here to enjoy them. Or not. And that's beautiful.