Welcome to Movies I Should Have Watched Long Ago When I Had More Time, a segment where I watch a film that I have heard so much about and nearly everyone else in the world has seen, but I haven't. Then I finally do. And write about it. This week I chose Blade Runner because of the beautiful glassware that they talked about on Roderick on the Line. Getting me one would only cost $96 if you're feeling generous. Just saying. It was that and the Japanese edition of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? sitting unread on my Kindle. So like a high school student, I rented the movie.

I went into it knowing about the "controversy" over the handling of the film. The added voice over and its later removal. The Director's Cut that wasn't exactly that. I knew the whole "Is Deckard a replicant?" bit. I didn't know what a "replicant" was, but the beauty of the whole thing is that I was able to suss out the basic . And to the movie's credit that spoiler meant so little in terms of "spoiling" the movie. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The music was grand, the story riveting. It's a film I'd like to add to my collection.

What endeared it to me was how contained the whole plot was. No grand, world-wide issue. There was a problem, it was solved, but everything didn't go as planned. And there was some food for thought. Plus all the little things. Old views of the future are always a curiosity, and it's fun to think about details like how Deckard was often seen reading a newspaper. And while the newspaper has been heavily replaced, I'd never use my iPad as a makeshift umbrella. It's more likely that I'd be the umbrella.

As the credits rolled, a Facebook notification popped up on my screen. My grandfather, who had been struggling with pneumonia after a hip replacement, had just passed away. We knew things weren't good. We knew it was going to happen. There was a time limit - well, there always is but now it was visible. We knew it. But knowing didn't make it any easier.