A Problem With Threes

FFRK3sOne of the best things about technology is its ability to reduce what we have to think about and in exchange for giving us more time for things we want to think about. One thing I'd rather never think about is whether a number is a 3 or an 8. That should be clear.

While I have been fairly happy with Final Fantasy Record Keeper, the damage font was unpleasant. Sure, I'd assume that if a character did 295 damage one time, their next attack might be 312 and not 812. Yet when the font is that unclear, it's just extra strain. And yet someone at Square-Enix either realized this or saw the complaints and made the change.

I'd argue outside of the newfound clarity, I don't like this font as much as the old one. But I also never cared for being unsure if a 3 or an 8 just flashed by, so I'll take my complaints and shove them somewhere they won't be heard.