Today's not Monday

Three day weekends are great but they sure make for a messy Tuesday. Combine that with a weird previous week and wow, what a confused brain. Monday school on Monday. Monday school on Tuesday. Tuesday school on Wednesday. Wednesday stuff canceled for the week. Normal Thursday and Friday. Three day weekend. Not working the same place two days in a row in general is enough but the little patterns that I do have mean a lot when they are shifted around. Not that I'm complaining about a three day weekend.

With all the listening and I've been doing about independent developers and translators and the like, wow! It does seem like a Daily Challenge. And not just in the Fear of Non Guaranteed Paychecks sense. And not even in the "I'm just going to sit around all day. I mean, I work from home!" sense. Mostly the idea that the whole schedule is completely upon oneself. Because going from the educational system to college to work, whatever freedoms one might have, a lot of us rely heavily on the schedules created by others.

I cleaned a classroom today, like most every weekday, around 1 pm because that is what one does at a Japanese school. Sure, the time fluctuates a bit depending on the school's schedule. But between 1 and 2 pm? Time to sweep. I didn't decide this. But I do it. And man, not thinking about it makes it super easy. I mean, when do I think to sweep my own house? I get around to it! But do I come home and see "7:30 - Sweep the floor" anywhere? And if I wrote it down would I do it? Maybe. But it would only take a day of "Well, I have to get this done. Sweeping can wait!" And then the schedule is broken and getting back on the proverbial broom-horse becomes pretty difficult the next day. Pick up any exercise regimen and then catch a cold. That's hard to get back to!

We can - and do! - do it. That's how rainblocks and subaku got completed. Just getting back to it no matter the distraction. Small as "I don't feel like it for the next ten minutes" to big as family events and paid work just taking up the time that passion projects can't steal. But they can get done. And that is a hell of a lesson to take home and stare at every day.