rainblocks android progress update

Spent the greater part of the day working on getting AdMob into the Unity version of rainblocks and I came across some problems that hopefully I can help others not have. Or maybe my being new to Unity was the problem! I run OS X in Japanese, which causes more problems than one would think. There was a time where one of Apple's developer pages wouldn't load if I was running Safari in Japanese. It's fixed now and I'd like to think my bug reporting helped. I've reported to a few other developers too, and they've been happy to hear. I have to wonder what they think about getting the messages from a clearly non-Japanese dude. Anyway. I like to help.

Unity appears in English as any application without a localization will do. Yet. There was a Java error which was outputting complete garbage. Switched my main language to English, restarted Unity and the error became legible text.

(Can I add how much I love how you can just drag a language to the top of your preference list in OS X and open an application to have it in that language? You can even just force restart Finder to set its language without logging out and back in.)

This is what I was getting:

warning: java/lang/Object.class(java/lang:Object.class): major version 51 is newer than 50, the highest major version supported by this compiler.
It is recommended that the compiler be upgraded.

I had updated Android to the latest which is SDK 21 for Android 5.0. Going down to SDK 20 (4.4) as my highest got it working again. I have no idea if this is ideal or not, but it is running which I am thankful for.

All this for AdMob. Which is working now, thankfully. Playing around with the Android version it seems all I need to do is hook up the tutorial. (It exists, but not in an Android scene.) Then I can send it out for some beta testing, which hopefully is not too disastrous since, well, Unity.